Nigel F Huddleston BSc,PGCE, CChem, MRSC is a Learning Consultant, a Science teacher, a workshop leader and therapist/coach. From 1996 Nigel worked with individual students referred to him from across the school where he taught them to optimise their learning performance and to eliminate exam stress. Nigel works with private clients, adults and children.

Nigel taught science at The Holy Trinity School (Crawley), an 11 to 18 Comprehensive School for 23 years. He currently sees private clients and writes.

Learning Consultant

The role of Learning Consultant involves organising and running workshops and courses that help students to optimise their learning and the strategies that support it. On the pastoral side Nigel tutored two groups completely through the whole of their education, and another for the majority. For two years he was Deputy Head of House with specific pastoral responsibility for four Tutor Groups. Through this responsibility he gained greater experience in supporting a range of students through academic and life challenges.

Nigel also held the role of ‘Intervention Tutor’ for one year. Students were offered the opportunity to have a coaching session to help optimise their study skills and exam technique.

Nigel was also Head of Chemistry for two years which allowed him to have an understanding and knowledge of the exam system from a middle management perspective and how this can support students.

Nigel uses his NLP skills and experiences in life to model aspects of the Body-Emotions-Mind and Spirit – this research and experience will be the basis of a book to help teenagers and their parents.

Nigel meditates, currently using ‘mindfulness’ a non- religious method, having proved benefits researched by science and recommended by N.I.C.E. (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). He has run mediation in school and outside for adults in his leisure time.