Learning & performance coaching

If you are concerned about your teenager or are you a student of any age who wants to learn more effectively, I can use my experience and tools to find individual strengths and help get you past any current blocks to success.

Some of the benefits to those in education are:

  • Discovery and implementation of the methods for learning and memorising that suit the student
  • Better organisation
  • Coaching on using methods for specific subjects
  • Greater confidence
  • Techniques to help individuals understand, manage their emotions and gain perspective.
  • Techniques to help memory recall
  • Transformation of exam stress into being relaxed, confident and easily able to remember.
  • Increased motivation. Discover what motivates you and how to create the future that the you want
  • Transform limiting decisions and past experiences into success

Helping Teenagers

Teenagers are unique, emotional, creative, amazing and exasperating. In my work I have helped many individuals who after one session have improved an area of life that was limiting them. Here are examples a few of the issues I have dealt with:

Case Study: One 16 year old was in a top set and getting about 50% in tests, whereas the rest of the group were averaging 70 to 80%. Using my skills I elicited that her main way of processing information was visual. The questions in tests do not include any visual words and the consequence was that they made no sense to her. I devised a method which helped her understand the questions in the way that she needed to. The result was that the student achieved one grade higher than predicted in six of her GCSE’s. After she finished University she visited the school and mentioned that she was still using my method.

I often get students referred to me for exam stress. Some do well in the classroom and then go blank in the test/exams while others have perfected how to get themselves into the worst state possible. These are the easy ones to work with. One very receptive student was cured in 15 minutes.

Teenagers mainly live in the present moment due to the neurological changes of adolescence. This means that they can be extremely disorganised, especially if they are more right brain dominant. I am having success in this area with my insights into how this manifests in the mind and body. My research continues.

Case study: One student had been jilted by his girlfriend. Unable to cope with this emotionally he began to lose motivation at school and he was heading down the track to failure. I helped by explaining what was going on in his body and the situation (grasping the big picture for many teenagers is a problem). I then took him through techniques that he could use to understand his feelings and to deal with the feelings of being overwhelmed. The difference brought emotional balance.

Case Study: One bright girl was doing four A levels but she could not remember dates for history. I taught her to use her imagination to bring the right brain in to help remember dates, which are left brain, e.g. 1066 – imagine King Harold on the hill in the battlefield with one hand holding the arrow in his eye. Lifting the other hand to his good eye he looks at his watch and says its 1066. This brings in some of the aspects of good memory – the whole brain, colour, humour, unusualness.

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