Testimonials and feedback


“Nigel had a single session with my teenage granddaughter who was lacking concentration and motivation. She was reluctant and sceptical before and fairly non-committal after the session. However in the days, weeks and now months that have followed family, friends and the school have all noticed the positive changes. Although casual about the session she let slip that she has shared some of Nigel’s techniques with friends. I’m delighted that she seems to have found herself again and is more focussed, organising her growing social life as well as her studies. Fabulous.”  Mrs C Harris, Ely, Cambs

“I had a few sessions of NLP with Mr Huddleston when I was finding revision and exams stressful. He was able to show me how to look at problems to do with stress in a different way and how to overcome them. This was extremely helpful and as a result I did well in my next exams. The techniques helped me feel more in control.”
– Peter Brown


“Brilliant, worth it. Released my various worries and stresses. At the end of the session, everything fitted together and made sense. Very inspiring + a good insight into the NLP world!!”
– Carmalite

“My main issue was dealing with my partner’s death. I benefited from working with Nigel as he is easy to trust and he gets to the core of the issue. I now feel relaxed and have moved on.”
– Lara T, aged 31



During June to March 07/08 clients were seen from a company working with long term unemployed people. People were seen in small group workshops and then for individual sessions.

  • 12 workshops were run average rating 8.0/10
  • 26 Individual sessions occurred: average rating 8.7 /10

Issues: anxiety, worry, insecurity, indecision.

“(I benefited by) feeling a lot more secure, less shaky & nervous (physically & mentally).”
– Lyndsay C aged 27 session rating 10/10

Issues: Dealing with new feelings of freedom from illness
“(I benefited by)  inspired – practical suggestions from NLP practitioner – feeling open to change with specific strategies.”
– Lyne M aged 49 session rating 10/10


Issues: Clearing and changing negative past patterns.

“(I benefited by) becoming increasingly clear about my direction in every aspect of my life, and identifying and removing blockages to this.” Lucy J aged 27 session rating 9/10

Issues: Nervousness and anxiety with people, a lack of drive towards creative goals.

” (I benfited by): new techniques to try to combat anxieties and to promote greater drive. It seems from this session that the techniques are effective and could help people with a wide range of problems.”
– David R aged 30 session rating 8/10

Issues; Health related – emotional/physical

“(I benefited by)  developing a clear understanding of where I need to continue unblocking + releasing the emotional feelings that hinder my health. The therapist (Nigel) created a safe environment, non-judgmental, listened well and adapted the tools of the practice to suit my needs.”
– Gemma B aged 27 session rating 10/10

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