First take in the information

1. Try doing so visually – hold any pictures up just above eye level. Look
at the picture, close your eyes and imagine it in your mind. Repeat
this until you get a good internal picture with all the information.
Use your imagination to create the memory.

2. Try auditory repetition – As you memorise each piece of information,
say it in your mind or out-loud 4 or 5 times. If you have difficulty
picturing words, try ‘seeing’ an object and then with your imagination
writing the words on it. If there is a lot of information to remember, imagine
it like a video tape with the new information continually appearing.

3. Try doing so kinaesthetically – incorporate movements or actions to associate with the memory. Sometimes just rolling or crushing a ball in your hand as you learn can help.

Recalling the information

Paul Daniels the magician was heard to say on a radio show
that, “It is as important to practice recalling information
as it is to memorise it.”

A powerful memory recall method to use:

1/ Choose a bite size chunk of information; a paragraph or a list of key words that you can then turn into a paragraph or essay – something you can work with.

2/ Learn & memorise
Read the information, scan over the pictures. Decide what the key points are and then learn these using the method of your choice determined from the exercise above. Use as many senses as you can – this creates a stronger memory.
(5 – 10 minutes)

3/ Cover it
Shut the book or cover up the information you have been working with.

4/ Recall
Write out what you can remember (or get someone to test you).(5 – 10 minutes)

5/ Check & review
Check what you have writtenNote any parts that you got wrong and use your imagination to make a correct memory of these points.

6/ Repeat to see how you get on again
Why not try a bigger chunk of text and see how much you can learn and get right first time. Notice what works best for you and start to fine tune your learning style and how you recall memories.

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