Ways to ride the teenager emotional roller coaster (Workshop)

166473589 THINKSTOCK GirlOnBenchThis workshop empowers parents, teachers and parents. It is open to teenagers who wish to attend. The workshop covers a set of skills or strategies that can help with the hormonally confusing time that young people experience. Due to the physical & hormonal changes onset by puberty the average teenager looses half the frontal lobe connections used for reasoning, planning & risk assessment. Some can behave as almost totally emotional beings, living in the moment producing a roller coaster of highs and lows.

The tools explored will include those for emotional intelligence and gaining perspective.  At the end of the workshop everyone is likely to have had new insights and some strategies to take away with them.

A Toolkit for teenagers:

Knowledge & understanding

  • Understanding the teenage experience through neuroscience, hormones and brainwaves.
  • Understanding how emotions are generated
  • Understanding emotional states & experiences are triggered
  • Understanding the developmental drives

Techniques for:

  • What am I feeling –what does this mean?
  • Learn to manage stress & anxiety
  •  Dealing with emotional overwhelm
  • Improving temperament
  • Naturally maintaining a good emotional state

The Mind

  • Gaining perspective –looking at the big picture
  • Goal setting
  • Recognising & releasing limiting decisions
  • Embracing risk in a positive way

Modelling success

  • Top tips for success
  • Modelling the successful

Benefits of the Tool Kit

  • Greater emotional stability
  • Greater clarity
  • Greater ability to cope with demanding situations reducing stress and anxiety
  • Alignment of values & goals resulting in action
  • Increased motivation
  • Increased self esteem
  • Increased confidence
  •  New skills

NB. For the greatest benefit teenagers need to agree/want to attend the workshop.

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