Talking and speaking at events

Nigel is available to deliver workshops and speak at events. He is also available to talk and run workshops for charities, schools and corporate clients. He can deliver custom workshops together with therapy-coaching, as a complete package to suit your needs.

This website should give you insight into the workshops and subjects available, but if you have something specific in mind, call him now for a quick chat 07916148002.

Topics available:

  • Empowering teenagers: managing emotions and decision making
  • Optimising study skills & managing exam stress
  • Motivation, goal setting and using metaphors of movement
  • Ways to ride the teenage emotional roller coaster
  • Accessing the dream state, creativity and intuitive thinking
  • A tool kit for teenagers: Self management of emotions, negative thinking, shifting perspectives & decision making
  • Understanding teenagers (from neuroscience, hormonal, focus of the mind’s awareness and developmental perspectives)

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