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Top 5 Skills The Recruiters Are Looking For In The New World

The infamous COVID-19 pandemic has changed gears of the world and made us sitting ducks in our own homes. Normal day-to-day activities from grocery shopping and office going to movie viewing and vacation trips have changed; most of them perhaps… Continue Reading →

The Millennial Guide To Effective Networking

Born with cellular phones in their hands, Generation Z (or Gen Z) also known as Zoomers; have always walked parallel to technological advancements at each step. With the advent of social media and newer cybernetics, networking has become more accessible… Continue Reading →

The importance of Ethics for Accountants, Auditors and Finance Professionals

All of us have opportunities to choose between right and wrong every day; we see in the businesses around us how getting it ethically wrong can lead to serious consequences, including corporate failure, loss of reputation, fines or even jail… Continue Reading →

LinkedIn Success Recipe For Young Professionals

LinkedIn is changing the face of modern-day recruitment, it’s one of the first places recruiters or employers look for candidates. It can be a noisy and chaotic place – 313 million people all trying to network. And you need to… Continue Reading →

Ultimate Guide To Help You Land A Job At Multi-National Corporations (MNCs)

Multi-National Corporations (popularly referred to as MNCs) opened a wide ray of scope to the Indians which has given an excellent global work exposure and a high level of living standard for our citizens. MNC’s include the entire Industry comprising… Continue Reading →

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