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ACCA awards exemptions to certain papers based on your latest degree. Use our ACCA Exemption Calculator to determine which exemptions you are eligible for. This course feature gives students and working professionals immense flexibility to start the qualification at different levels. The ACCA exemptions calculator makes it easy to see where to save time and effort.

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ACCA Exemptions

Congratulations! You can now get a head start from the current qualification. ACCA offers exemptions to various qualified and semi-qualified candidates depending on the highest educational qualification, institute, degree, and year of passing.

Grade 10 /
Grade 12 (Passed)

No exemptions
Begin from Knowledge Level

B.Com and its Specialisations (Pursuing*)

Upto 5 exemptions
Begin from Skills Level

B.Com + CA Inter/IPCC (Cleared)

6+ exemptions
Begin from Skills Level


9 exemptions
Begin from Professional Level

*Provisional or confirmed exemptions from select universities upon submission of required documents.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We know you're excited, and with lots of questions to get started with ACCA Course

ACCA Exemptions are credits given to students who have completed relevant qualifications before enrolling in the ACCA program. These ACCA paper exemptions save students time by allowing them to skip certain exams based on their prior education.

You can claim ACCA exemptions through ACCA Approved Learning Partners (ALPs). Synthesis Learning, recognized as a Platinum ALP (Platinum ALP status for ACCA is the highest level of accreditation for Approved Learning Providers, a testament to their exceptional quality and outstanding pass rates), offers reduced exemption fees. Contact us to start your ACCA journey with ease. For more details, visit our ACCA Exemption Calculator.

The pass rate refers to the percentage of candidates who successfully pass a particular examination or assessment. The pass rates for ACCA exams vary for each paper and exam session. On average, the pass rates typically range from 40% to 50% for most papers. However, it’s important to note that pass rates can differ based on the level of difficulty and complexity of the papers. Students enrolled in the best ACCA coaching in India often achieve higher pass rates due to the structured guidance and support they receive.

ACCA and CA are equally challenging qualifications. However, ACCA stands out for its flexibility. Students can attempt one subject at a time, allowing thorough preparation and focused study. This flexibility helps in efficient study planning and boosts chances of success. Hence, the pass rates for ACCA are far higher than CA (3-4 times). Our ACCA coaching in Mumbai emphasizes this flexibility, making it a preferred choice for many.

ACCA professionals can command competitive salaries due to their global recognition and comprehensive skill-set. The earning potential varies based on experience, job role, industry, and location. ACCA members often secure well-paying positions in accounting, finance, and consulting firms, and their salaries tend to increase with career progression. Generally, ACCA affiliates have starting salaries between INR 5-7 lakhs. If you have any additional degree or experience, this figure only moves northwards! Enrolling in the best ACCA coaching in India can significantly enhance your earning potential.

ACCA, or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is indeed experiencing growth in India. With the increasing globalization of businesses and the demand for skilled finance professionals, ACCA’s global recognition and comprehensive syllabus have attracted aspiring accountants and finance professionals across India. The number of ACCA members and students has steadily increased, indicating the growing popularity and acceptance of ACCA as a preferred qualification. Additionally, ACCA has been actively collaborating with universities and educational institutions in India to expand its reach and provide more opportunities for aspiring professionals in the field of accounting and finance. For more insights, check out our ACCA Coaching page.


The level of difficulty of ACCA varies from individual to individual. Your background when you begin ACCA (student, graduate, CA, MBA, etc.) adds to your existing knowledge when you start the qualification. ACCA exams are flexible and student-friendly, with relatively high pass rates if approached with the right coaching and discipline. Our ACCA online classes and ACCA online learning support ensure students receive the necessary help to succeed.

There’s fantastic news for current B.Com or B.Com specialization students from accredited state & central universities. You could secure ACCA exemptions for up to 5 ACCA exams (BT, MA, FA, LW & TX). This means you’ll only have to deal with 8 papers, not 13, significantly saving time and money. For more details check the acca global exemption calculator by Synthesis Learning. 

While ACCA Exemptions provide advantages, it’s important to remember that ACCA is a challenging program. Exemptions save you time and money but don’t eliminate the need for hard work and dedication. At Synthesis Learning, we help you create a comprehensive ACCA journey through counseling, coaching, mentoring, and placements.

According to pass rates and student feedback, Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) and Advanced Performance Management (APM) are often considered challenging subjects in the ACCA Qualification. These papers require a high level of technical expertise and analytical skills. Furthermore, performance management (PM) is often perceived as challenging for many students when it comes to passing the skill level. Enrolling in a reputable ACCA coaching centre can help you navigate these tough modules with confidence.

The cost of pursuing ACCA typically consists of several components such as registration fees, exam fees, exemption fees, etc., payable to the ACCA Body and coaching and content fees payable to the learning partner. Generally, the total cost can range from approximately INR 2-3.5 lakhs, depending on the number of exams, tuition provider, etc. It is advisable to check with ACCA Approved Learning Partners (ALPs) or their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date cost information. Our ACCA online courses offer competitive fees, ensuring that quality education is accessible to all.

After completing ACCA, the highest position one can achieve depends on several factors, including experience, expertise, and opportunities. ACCA members are in several top management roles, including CEO, CFO, Financial Controller, Finance Director, Audit Partner, and several board-level positions. However, reaching these positions requires more than just the ACCA qualification; individual capabilities and market dynamics greatly influence it. Enrolling in the best ACCA coaching in India can provide the foundation necessary to aspire to these top roles.

The speed at which an individual completes the ACCA qualification can vary based on prior qualifications, exemptions availed, and individual commitment. ACCA provides flexibility with its quarterly exam schedule. The duration can range from 6 months to 3 years, depending on your highest educational degree. Our ACCA online learning supports students in planning their studies efficiently to complete the course in the shortest possible time.

Absolutely, an average student can pass ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) with the right mentorship, effective exam preparation techniques, and discipline. While ACCA exams can be challenging, they are designed to assess applied knowledge and practical skills. With consistent preparation, practice, and a focused approach, an average student can achieve success in ACCA. It is important to develop a study plan, utilize available resources, seek appropriate guidance, and stay motivated throughout the journey. Our ACCA online classes provide the necessary support for all students, regardless of their starting point.

For more details about ACCA courses and to calculate your exemptions, visit our ACCA Course, ACCA Exemption Calculator, and explore Synthesis Learning. Check out more content on our YouTube channel and learn more about ACCA on the official ACCA page.

Accelerate Your ACCA Success with ACCA Exemption Calculator

When aiming at taking the ACCA course, it is important to note that your exemptions can greatly help you in a long way. The ACCA exemption calculator is definitely one of the tools used to let you know the exemptions that you will be allowed depending on the previous qualifications. This means that with an ACCA calculator, you save a lot of time and can concentrate on areas that matter most to one’s attention. 

What is the ACCA Exemption Calculator?

ACCA exemptions calculator is an easy-to-use tool available to all students with the help of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ACCA to ensure that the students determine papers they do not have to appear for. Based on your previous academic results and other professional certifications, this calculator identifies the ACCA exams you can be exempted from. In this way, the ACCA exemption calculator helps you efficiently plan your preparation for the ACCA course

Why Use the ACCA Calculator?

Read on to learn how the ACCA calculator helps you in your ACCA journey:

Efficiency in Planning:

The ACCA calculator helps you develop a better study schedule by telling you which exams you don’t have to sit for.


The overall cost of the ACCA course is lower because you have to take fewer exams.


Knowing your exemptions early allows you to focus on the subjects and you can become an ACCA Affiliate in less time by claiming exemptions.

How to Use Our ACCA Exemption Calculator

Follow these simple steps to learn about your exemptions: 

Visit our ACCA exemption calculator page:

To access the ACCA exemption calculator, visit our website.

Input Your Qualifications:

Enter the details of your previous academic qualifications. Our ACCA exemptions calculator will then assess your credentials.

Review Your Exemptions:

 Our exemptions calculator for ACCA will calculate and provide a list of ACCA exams from which you are exempted. This can significantly reduce the time and effort required to complete your ACCA qualification. To understand how you can claim the exemptions and save more cost on it you can reach out to us at 9320007893

Breakdown Of The ACCA Exemptions You May Be Eligible For

When starting with ACCA coaching, you need to ensure that you understand the classifications of the exemptions to cover your syllabus optimally. ACCA provides exemptions to candidates depending on their prior qualifications, enabling them to commence at the level appropriate to their prior learning. You can use the ACCA exemption calculator to know more. However, we have compiled details on exemptions based on the levels. 

Grade 10 / Grade 12 (Passed)

No exemptions: Any candidate who has ever sat a Grade 10 or Grade 12 examination cannot qualify for any exemptions for ACCA. They begin their ACCA journey at the Knowledge Level, the first of the three levels of the ACCA qualification.

B.Com and its Specialisations (Pursuing)

Students studying in B.Com or B.Com specialisations from an accredited state or central university, can get up to 5 conditional exemptions, and expedite their ACCA program, reducing their paper count from 13 to just 8. This enables them to commence their ACCA journey from the Skills Level without undertaking the Knowledge Level.
You can check here if your college/university is covered or not.

B.Com + CA Inter/IPCC (Cleared)

Up to 6 exemptions: Candidates who have passed their B. Com degree and the CA Inter or IPCC exams can be granted 6 or more exemptions. Because of their accounting background, they begin their ACCA journey at the Skills Level and progress to the next level.


CMA (US) professionals share common expertise in areas like management accounting and financial strategy with ACCA, which may result in exemptions. CMA holders get 3 exemptions (BT, MA & FA)

Chartered Accountants:

9 exemptions: Chartered accountants (CAs) are granted the maximum number of exemptions. Given their rich accounting knowledge and training, CAs can commence the ACCA from the Professional Level.

Master ACCA with Synthesis Learning’s Exemption Calculator Tool

At Synthesis Learning, we’re proud to be an ACCA Platinum Approved Partner. This top-tier rating means we offer the best education and training, led by expert tutors. 

Synthesis Learning offers comprehensive support, expert faculty, and tailored study plans to ensure you excel in your ACCA journey. 

Our commitment to quality education and personalized guidance helps you master each subject and confidently achieve your professional goals. Explore our resources, including an ACCA fees calculator, to plan your financial investment wisely and efficiently.

Learn Your Way: 

We understand that everyone learns differently. That’s why we offer flexible learning modes for the ACCA PM exam. You can enroll in what works best for you: classroom, online, or self-paced. 

Be Part Of The Best: 

By enrolling with us for the ACCA PM exam, you will have the opportunity to interact with like-minded students and global rankers. 

Get inspired: 

We know students need inspiration for a course like ACCA. Check out our students’ success stories on YouTube to see how our ACCA course helped them launch their careers. 

Plan your Budget Effectively: 

Uncertain about the costs? Use the ACCA calculator to determine the costs of pursuing the ACCA qualification with us. Make informed decisions about your career path with the ACCA fees calculator. 

Our Proven Method:

Our four-step approach—Counseling, Coaching, Mentoring, and Placement—has a track record of success. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Ready to Start?

Visit our ACCA coaching page for more info. Watch our success stories on YouTube and see how Synthesis Learning can help you ace your ACCA PM exams. Let’s get started! 


Is there a fee for using the ACCA exemption calculator?

No, using the ACCA exemption calculator is free. However, a fee is associated with each exemption granted if you apply for exemptions.

How accurate is the ACCA exemption calculator?

The ACCA exemption calculator indicates potential exemptions, but the final decision rests with the ACCA. Always verify with ACCA for the official confirmation of your exemptions.


The ACCA exemption calculator is a powerful tool for any ACCA aspirant. By understanding and using the ACCA calculator, you can streamline your study plan, save costs, and focus on the essential subjects. Coupled with the top-notch ACCA coaching provided by Synthesis Learning, you are well-equipped to achieve your ACCA certification efficiently and effectively.

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