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Everything about ACCA

Everything About ACCA

Table Of Contents

1. What is ACCA Qualification?

ACCA is a globally accepted qualification for successful careers in Accounting, Business & Finance.  ACCA course provides excellent career opportunities, to commerce students and professionals, creating strategic-thinking business managers globally. With over 2,33,000 members, 5,44,000 students in over 179 countries across the world, ACCA is one of the most sought-after Business & Finance qualification.

2. When Should You Pursue ACCA?

You may pursue ACCA Qualification:

Watch the video below to understand what’s the best time for you to begin ACCA:

3. Global Job Opportunities

When you study with ACCA, you open doors to the best and most interesting roles all over the world across functions such as:

To know more about ACCA jobs availability please click here.

To understand the diverse roles & employers that hire ACCA students and members in India & globally, tune into the video below:

4. Course Structure & Papers

To become an ACCA member you must:

5. Levels & Papers

To understand what are the spread of subjects in the ACCA curriculum, watch the video below:

Watch the video below to know what are the linkages across the 3 levels of ACCA curriculum (Knowledge, Skills & Professional) & the certifications awarded upon completion of each level:

6. ACCA Exams

ACCA Exams - Synthesis Learning

To know more about the exam structure, style, duration & other exam nitigrities, watch the video below:

7. Course Duration

The pace at which you study for ACCA is very flexible. You can choose how you study, how often you sit for your exams and where you get your relevant practical experience.
Typically, time taken is as under:

8. Eligibility & Exemptions

ACCA awards exemptions to certain papers basis your latest degree. This feature of the course gives immense flexibility to students and working professionals to start the qualification at different levels.

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To know more about ACCA exemptions in a snapshot and how to claim them, watch the video below:

9. How Easy Is It To Pass ACCA Exams?

It is often misunderstood that ACCA Exams might be difficult to pass given their globally-relevant curriculum and assessment standards.
However, you will be amazed to know that the average global passing rates are well over 50% due to flexible online exams & application-based approach among other reasons.

Watch the video below to know what are the paper-wise pass rates in the recent ACCA exams.

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10. What Is The Total Cost To Do ACCA?

The total cost to pursue ACCA includes various elements such as the student registration fees, exam fees, subscription fees & exemptions fees (applicable for those claiming exemptions) payable to ACCA professional body in British pounds. Over and above this, one needs to pay for tuition fees to your learning provider (coaching) in local currency.

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To understand how to calculate the total cost to pursue ACCA, watch the video below:

11. Let's Begin Your ACCA Journey Together

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