ACCA Affiliate Success Story

ACCA Affiliate AIR 1 – Pooja Shekhar

I am excited to share my journey and the insights I gained along the way. My ACCA journey kicked off in 2020, navigating the unique challenges of the pandemic & I completed my journey with the last paper in December 2023. I’m grateful for the experiences that helped me learn and grow, ultimately leading to securing the All India Affiliate Rank 1. By God’s grace, I scored World Rank 6 & AIR 1 in AFM (Advanced Financial Management) and World Rank 5 & AIR 2 in SBL (Strategic Business Leader).


I decided to pursue ACCA after attending a boot camp in my college. I found the qualification interesting because it was new and challenging. I completed the program in 3 years alongside graduation, taking one paper at a time.

The most interesting part of the journey for me was the levels themselves, each with a new set of challenges & a new milestone to achieve. The most challenging part of my journey was to keep up with the discipline of writing an exam every quarter. It does get overwhelming & challenging, but the thrill of clearing 1 exam after another is what keeps it going & in the end, it is a very satisfying experience.

Here are some of my tips that helped me crack my ACCA Exams

  • Discipline: The discipline of writing 1 exam a quarter / 4 exams per year.
  • Consistency: Making sure you keep some self-study time daily over and above the time spent at your coaching hub. While studying for ACCA exams, one cannot cramp the syllabus towards the end.
  • Study Text & Exam Kit: Do the study text and study kits at least two to three times before the exam so that you are hands-on.
  • Mock Exams: I practised at least 3 mocks on the CBE Practice Portal of the ACCA. This is a must-have experience before going for the final exam
  • Stay updated: Keep up with the latest technical articles and examiner reports available on the ACCA website. These give great perspective to your study.
  • What happens if you skip an exam: While unforeseen circumstances, including medical issues, can occasionally disrupt exam schedules, there are strategies to mitigate their impact. In my case, I was unable to take one exam due to illness. However, I proactively addressed this by scheduling two exams for the subsequent quarter. This approach allowed me to minimize any potential delays in my progress.
  • Mental strength: Be mentally prepared to say no to distractions and push yourself to get things done.

ACCA has empowered me with the knowledge and skills I need to be successful in my career.

I believe anyone can succeed in the ACCA exams with the right combination of effort and strategy. My story is just one example of how dedication and the right mentoring can pay off.

I hope this blog post is helpful!

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