ACCA Exemptions Impact on Students: Key Changes 2024


ACCA Exemptions Impact on Undergraduate & Graduate Students

Are you an ambitious undergraduate or graduate in India looking to excel in commerce? Recent changes in the ACCA exemptions are a game-changer for your career. Discover the full impact in our blog and stay ahead of the curve.

To know Why ACCA became the Top career choice for Commerce students after the recent updates, check out the video below:


What is ACCA?

ACCA, or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, is a globally recognized professional body for accountants. It provides a pathway for individuals to become global chartered accountants and opens doors to exciting career opportunities in finance, accounting, and auditing in India and abroad. If you’re pursuing a career in commerce, ACCA can be your ticket to success.


The Importance of ACCA Exemptions:

The main objective of the ACCA Qualification updates for providing conditional exemptions is to make it easier for individuals who have completed the BCom program to obtain the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) qualification by acknowledging their acquired knowledge and skills. Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of ACCA Exemptions and how they can impact you as an undergraduate student in India.

What are ACCA Exemptions?

Having a degree (e.g., B.Com & B.Com specialisation) or professional qualifications (e.g., CA Inter, CA, CMA, CS, MBA, etc) could grant you exemptions from specific ACCA Qualification exams. Exemptions mean you will not have to appear for these papers. ACCA understands that your existing qualification or degree gives you adequate knowledge & skills & hence exempts you from appearing for certain selected papers.

Benefits for Undergraduate & Graduate Students

As an undergraduate or graduate student, you can benefit greatly from these ACCA Exemptions. Here’s how:

a. Accelerated Progress
You know those years you’ve spent studying accounting, business, or finance in college? Well, ACCA now recognises your hard work! Suppose you have a relevant degree or currently studying in B.Com or B.Com specialisations from an accredited state or central university. In that case, you can get 5 exemptions, and expedite your ACCA program, reducing your paper count from 13 to just 8 (students who are not part of an accredited state or central university can get 4 to 5 exemptions after their graduation, You can check your exemptions on ACCA exemption calculator).

This enables you to complete the ACCA course in a swift 2 years instead of the standard 3. Plus, you can seamlessly integrate your ACCA journey with your graduation. This will help you land your dream job right after you get out of college!

b. Cost Savings
By receiving exemptions for the following ACCA exams: Business and Technology (BT), Management Accounting (MA), Financial Accounting (FA), Corporate and Business Law (LW), and Taxation (TX), you can secure a minimum savings of Rs. 1 Lac on your total expenses. This financial relief can significantly alleviate the financial burden on your journey to becoming an ACCA Affiliate. To calculate the cost applicable to you click here

How to Claim Exemptions

In order to claim ACCA exemptions, you will need assistance from an ACCA Approved Learning Partner (ALP). We, Synthesis Learning are a Platinum ALP(Platinum ALP status for ACCA is the highest level of accreditation for Approved Learning Providers, a testament to their exceptional quality and outstanding pass rates). One can claim heavy discounts & scholarships on exemption fees through us, which otherwise you would have to pay to the ACCA body. Feel free to reach out to us on 9320007893 for assistance.

Preparing for ACCA

While exemptions offer advantages, it’s vital not to underestimate the remaining ACCA papers. To excel in your ACCA journey, establish a study plan and stay dedicated to your studies. These enhancements make ACCA more accessible and cost-effective for you. At Synthesis Learning, we assist you in building a well-rounded ACCA path, providing counselling, coaching, mentoring, and placement opportunities.

The Future of ACCA

ACCA’s latest exemption updates mark a pivotal step toward a brighter future for aspiring business and finance students. These changes mirror the evolving industry requirements, ensuring ACCA Qualified Professionals are well-equipped to tackle real-world challenges. With its global recognition, an ACCA certificate paves the way for promising careers across India, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and other regions offering attractive employment prospects and a high quality of life.


In conclusion, ACCA Exemptions play a pivotal role in the journey of undergraduate students in India pursuing a career in commerce. The new exemption updates bring efficiency, cost savings, and tailored learning, making it a game-changer for those aiming to become Global Business & Finance Professionals.
Now, let’s address some frequently asked questions about ACCA Exemptions:


1. What are ACCA Exemptions?
ACCA Exemptions are credits given to students who have completed relevant qualifications before enrolling in the ACCA program. These exemptions save students time.

2. How can I claim ACCA Exemptions?
You can claim exemptions through ACCA Approved Learning Partners (ALPs). Synthesis Learning, recognized as a Platinum ALP (Platinum ALP status for ACCA is the highest level of accreditation for Approved Learning Providers, a testament to their exceptional quality and outstanding pass rates), extends the courtesy of offering reduced exemption fees. Please do not hesitate to contact us, and we shall gladly assist you in commencing your ACCA journey.

3. What benefits do ACCA Exemptions offer to undergraduate students?
For current B.Com or B.Com specialization students from accredited state & central universities, there’s fantastic news. You could secure exemptions for up to 5 ACCA exams (BT, MA, FA, LW, & TX). This means you’ll only have to deal with 8 papers, not 13, significantly saving your time and money.

4. Will ACCA Exemptions make my ACCA journey easier?
While ACCA Exemptions provide advantages, it’s important to remember that ACCA is a challenging program. Exemptions save you time and money but don’t eliminate the need for hard work and dedication. At Synthesis Learning, we help you create a comprehensive ACCA journey through counselling, coaching, mentoring and placements.

In conclusion, ACCA Exemptions are a valuable asset for undergraduates pursuing a career in commerce. They provide a smoother path to becoming an ACCA Affiliate and equip you with the skills necessary for success in finance and accounting. If you’re aspiring to enter the world of commerce, ACCA Exemptions could be your stepping stone to success.

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