Why Are Aspiring & Qualified Chartered Accountants Interested To Pursue ACCA? – A Complete Guide

ACCA or the Association of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants has undoubtedly been the talk of the finance town for the last few years now. As some of you may already know that ACCA is one of the world’s most forward-thinking professional accountancy bodies based in the UK with 115+ years of experience, more than 7,550+ approved employers, and 95 accountancy partnerships worldwide. The ACCA Qualification is a globally recognized course with more than 2,33,000+ fully qualified members and 5,36,000+ students in 179+ countries. In other words, it is a Global CA Qualification with substantial exposure and recognition.

While Chartered Accountants are supposed to be the know-it-all in the Indian financial context, many aspiring and qualified CAs are actively considering pursuing the ACCA as their next global qualification. Here is everything that you need to know why ACCA for CA is so attractive-

1. Exciting Jobs & Assignments

ACCA Qualification gives you the global financial knowledge and business skills essential to gain reputed credentials, increase your earning potential, and even explore newer job opportunities. It eventually helps with career development with MNCs, Big 4, and better and bigger global assignments – both as a working professional and a businessperson. Who wouldn’t want such exposure?

To know everything about ACCA jobs in India watch the below video:

2. Evolution In FinTech

In the wake of advancements in information technology, the future of finance and business appears very dynamic and evolving. Automation and artificial intelligence might soon take over lower-level tasks of report compilation, transaction processing, etc. Most of the top MNC’s like KPMG, Deloitte, PWC, EY, WIPRO, Coca Cola, etc. favor professionals who possess adaptive futuristic skills in the digital environment. A qualification like ACCA helps you further hone some of those global applied skills to ace this evolution.

3. Global Acceptance & Network

ACCA global partnerships allow members to work internationally, complying with worldwide regulations. The organization has also formed several mutual recognition agreements with 95 prestigious global accountancy bodies around the world, making it easier for you to work where ever you want. With its substantial global network across 179+ countries, also arise opportunities for CAs to deliver services internationally and on global assignments.

4. Special Exemptions for Semi-Qualified & Qualified Chartered Accountants

ACCA allows pursuing & qualified CAs to skip or exempt some papers which have already been covered extensively in the ICAI curriculum depending upon their level. You can refer to the exemptions table below-

Name of Paper 10th / 12th / Undergraduate B. Com / M. Com CA IPCC / Inter Pass + B. Com CA Qualified
Business & Technology X X X
Management Accounting X X X
Financial Accounting X X X
Corporate & Business Law X X X
Performance Management X
Taxation X X
Financial Reporting X
Audit & Assurance X X
Financial Management X
Strategic Business Leader
Strategic Business Reporting
Advanced Financial Management Any 2 papers have to be attempted Any 2 papers have to be attempted Any 2 papers have to be attempted
Advanced Performance Management
Advanced Taxation
Advanced Audit & Assurance
Total Exemptions 0 / 13 4 / 13 6 / 13 9 / 13
Papers to Attempt 13 9 7 4

To know everything about ACCA exemptions watch the below video:

Given these exemptions, CA Inter passed students can complete this qualification within 1–1.5 years & qualified Chartered Accountants can expect to complete the qualification within 6-12 months.

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5. Flexible Exam Schedule & High Pass Rates

Unlike most other qualifications, the ACCA exam is held every quarter (March, June, September and December) and you have the option to write up to any 4 papers per attempt. This means that you can flexibly choose how often you sit for your exams and how many papers you wish to appear in that attempt. Given such convenience and flexibility, the average passing rates are as high as 45-50%.

To know how easy it is to pass ACCA watch the below video:

6. Very Promising Career Move

Courses such as CFA and MBA have been some of the routine options to advance careers in the finance domain. Whilst CFA is focused on the Global Capital Markets & Financial Analysis, it must be pursued only if this domain is your calling. Likewise, MBA requires full-time devotion which means one may have to take a break from an existing job.

ACCA is an alternative available to young working professionals who want to upskill in financial leadership, reporting & analysis; without missing out on their professional commitments. The ACCA course structure is designed to develop complex multifunctional and integrated thinking for dynamic business solutions.

Several CA IPCC/Inter pass & CA CPT/Foundation pass students who have given multiple attempts in following levels with no success generally consider taking a pause from CA and pursuing ACCA with exemptions.

Wondering What Is The Best Way To Study ACCA For CA?

Synthesis Learning (ACCA Approved Learning Partner) has been successfully coaching ACCA students for the last few years; leveraging the blended pedagogy of quality content and delivery. Our world-class ACCA eLearning Courses include Tutorials by Exceptional Tutors, Comprehensive Materials, Ethical Pricing, and a Full Pass Guarantee.

To know will ACCA add value to an Indian Chartered Accountant

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By enrolling in the flexible & self-paced ACCA online courses, you can have the luxury to work or pursue your interests while you study. You can still earn, get on-the-job skills, and acquire your professional ACCA Qualification without giving up your other commitments. This ensures that you’re studying at a pace that just suits you – by spending more time on topics you find challenging and less time on topics you can quickly retain or may already be familiar with.

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