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If you are an ACCA-pursuing student and looking for the best free ACCA study materials, this blog is of great relevance to you. As you may already be aware, the ACCA professional body keeps issuing several interesting ACCA support resources from time to time in support of students to ensure that you have a seamless journey through the qualification with relevant knowledge & skills acquired from time to time.

The Path to Success

The ACCA exams are highly application driven & filled with real-world experiences that test a variety of 21st-century knowledge & skills. Hence, a traditional approach to learning may not be the best strategy for cracking these exams. Alongside your routine learning in classrooms, you must always be on the watchout for these insightful ACCA study material lists & ACCA study resources from Synthesis Learning and other relevant sources. Since they are available in plenty, students often need clarification. Hence, we present to you a quick comprehensive list of some key ACCA study resources you must follow on a timely basis.

ACCA Study Materials

 1. ACCA Study Hub: Your Gateway to Success

The ACCA Study Hub is one of the best ACCA student resources. It is an exclusive digital platform that offers free access to study materials for students worldwide. Students studying for FIA, Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Strategic Professional exams can use this resource.


  • Digital Hub: Introducing StudyHub, your gateway to ACCA study materials. This innovative platform operates like an e-book with added interactivity, making your study experience seamless and engaging.
  • Knowledge Hub: Unlock better understanding through study chapters. Visual overviews illustrate the chapter’s interconnectedness, making it effortless to grasp.
  • Revision Hub: Challenge yourself with end-of-chapter quizzes to gauge your understanding. These quizzes feature multiple-choice questions that are automatically graded, allowing you to assess your performance with ease. Flashcards test your knowledge of key definitions. Practice & revision questions help you prepare for your exams.
  • Anywhere Hub: Whenever and wherever you want, you can access the Study Hub via your myACCA account. Once logged in to myACCA, go to ‘My qualifications‘ and select ‘ACCA Study Hub. Alternatively, you can log in directly using your myACCA credentials.

2. Student Accountant App: Stay Informed About ACCA Study Material

This ACCA student resource will keep you updated with ACCA news in general and level-wise exam-related information and updates. It is a must-download app for your phones now.

3. ACCA Study Resource: Your Roadmap to Success

Every time you attempt a paper during your ACCA course, this resource is a must-see. For each paper, you will get complete guidance on debriefing the subject, planning your studies & understanding the examiner’s expectations for a complete perspective. For every paper, you will be able to understand the following:

  • Planning your studies
  • Exam team guidance
  • Get ready for modules
  • Technical Articles
  • Examiners Reports
  • Exam Techniques
  • Mock and Debrief Videos
  • Compass – ACCA Study Planner
  • Podcasts
  • Study ACCA Support Resources 

4. ACCA Youtube Channel

Along with the ACCA study resource on the ACCA Global website, their YouTube channel offers useful videos that complement your ACCA learning journey. The channel is designed to enable easy navigation and show content that is relevant to you. Videos on the homepage are arranged into sections corresponding to the three stages of the ACCA qualification: applied knowledge, applied skills, and strategic professional. Each exam has a separate playlist. It’s a must-watch for every ACCA student as it is one of the best free ACCA study materials available. This YouTube channel can be your stepping stone to practice tests for Applied Knowledge. It also has student webinars on the channel.

5. On-Demand Practice Test: Master Your Skills

For the first 4 papers, access via MyACCA Account. This practice On-Demand Mock Exams can be purchased from your My ACCA Account. These are ‘must solve’ before the final exam.

6. CBE Practice Platform: Elevate Your Preparation

Paper 5 onwards: Access via MyACCA Account. The ACCA makes available to each student several sample mock exams explicitly prepared for your attempt and a library of past paper questions on this portal. These can be accessed through your MyACCA Account. These mock exams will give you a real exam experience in an online environment, and it is highly recommended that you attempt them before the final exam.

7. Subject-Specific Webinars (In Session Plus): Expand Your Knowledge

Ensure you connect with the ACCA official social handle on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Be on the lookout for regular updates, including engaging webinars conducted on various papers and general finance topics from time to time. A repository can also be found on the YouTube channel of the ACCA Student Support Resources.

8. My Exam Performance: Personalized Support for Success

My Exam Performance is a new personalized support tool that provides students valuable feedback on their exam performance. It allows you to understand better the exam results, including your strengths and where you need to focus your efforts for improvement. Currently, this analysis is available only for Skill-Level Papers.

9. EPSM Module: Shaping Ethical and Professional Skills

The Ethics & Professional Skills Module is a mandatory, self-paced online module that must be completed to become an ACCA Member. It is highly recommended that you take it after your skills level and before starting your professional level. The Professional Level Exams test your ability to apply various Ethics and Professional Skills, which this module trains you for.

10. Learning Community: Connect and Grow

By joining, you can connect with fellow students worldwide and access tailored ACCA study resources and updates from ACCA. You also join discussion channels relevant to your study stage with other students.

Internships & Jobs for ACCA Students, Affiliates & Members

  • Are you ready for an exciting career journey with ACCA? Here are some fantastic resources to help you find the perfect internships and job opportunities and navigate to becoming a recognized ACCA member.
  • ACCA Job Portal: Your Gateway to Career OpportunitiesThe ACCA Job portal is an exclusive portal of job openings worldwide for ACCA-pursuing students, affiliates & members. This is the best space to look out for internships & jobs whenever you decide to start work or are scouting better work opportunities.
  • Career Navigator: Chart Your Path to SuccessThe Career Navigator guides you on your career journey: acquire new skills, explore career destinations and opportunities, and grow your talent.
  • ACCA Membership: Your Key to Professional RecognitionOnce you have completed the 13 papers for ACCA qualification, you must understand the various steps to becoming a member. Read the regulations related to PER (Practical Experience Requirements) you need to submit 36 months of work experience to claim your membership. How to become a member

    Why Should You Use Synthesis Learning ACCA Study Materials to Ace ACCA Exams?

    Choosing the right ACCA coaching is crucial for success in the ACCA exams, and Synthesis Learning offers a comprehensive and effective approach to help you achieve your goals. Here’s why we stand out:

    Learn With The Best:

    Our study materials are crafted by a team of experienced tutors, including ACCA, CA, and CIMA professionals. They bring a wealth of practical experience and academic knowledge to help you prepare thoroughly for your exams.

    Study Your Way:

    We recognize that everyone has different learning preferences. That’s why our study materials are designed to be versatile and fit into your preferred learning mode. Whether you prefer traditional classroom settings, engaging online courses, or self-paced study, we have the resources to support your needs.

    Join a Community of Top Performers:

    When you use our study materials, you join a community of like-minded students and achievers. Our resources and support system are aimed at helping you achieve high pass rates and top rankings, just like many of our students who have excelled nationally and globally.

    Get Inspired:

    We understand that staying motivated is crucial for a demanding course like ACCA. Explore the success stories of our students on YouTube to see how our comprehensive study materials and guidance have helped them excel in their exams and build successful careers.

    Our Proven Method:

    Our four-step approach—Counseling, Coaching, Mentoring, and Placement—has a track record of success. We’re here to support you every step of the way.


    Incorporating the right ACCA study resources and ACCA study materials into your learning journey is crucial for success. With these top 10 ACCA student resources, you’ll be well-equipped to tackle your exams and excel in your career. Use these tools and support systems to enhance your learning experience and achieve your professional goals.

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