ACCA Success Stories: Undergrad to ACCA to First Job

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ACCA Success Stories: Undergrad to ACCA to First Job

In the realm of college life, there often come moments that define our future. I had a moment when I skipped class and the vice principal offered me something unusual. The offer was simple – You can go to a seminar on business and finance hosted by ‘Synthesis Learning.‘ This unexpected meeting led me to global opportunities and a satisfying career. I will share my journey from that day to becoming an ACCA affiliate. All thanks to the invaluable support and guidance of Synthesis Learning. From hearing other’s ACCA success stories to becoming one of them.

The Inception of My ACCA Journey:

In August 2019, I embarked on my ACCA journey with excitement and determination. By February 2020, I had conquered two knowledge-level papers. But just as I was gaining momentum, the world faced an unexpected challenge: the COVID-19 pandemic. Lockdowns disrupted our study plans and left us uncertain about our academic pursuits. It was during this turbulent period that Synthesis Learning proved to be a beacon of hope.

Adapting to the New Normal:

With agility and foresight, Synthesis Learning swiftly transitioned to online learning. This move was a game-changer for us, as it allowed us to continue our education without missing a beat. The institution’s commitment to our growth was unwavering. Through meticulous planning, rigorous coaching, and the opportunity to write exams quarterly, they ensured that our educational journey remained uninterrupted despite the pandemic’s chaos.

Mentoring and Academic Excellence:

At Synthesis Learning, mentorship is a hallmark feature. Students benefit from personalized guidance and proven learning strategies. Their faculty goes beyond knowledge transfer; they cultivate discipline and consistency. This robust support system significantly contributes to exceptional performance, with the majority of students consistently outperforming global pass rates in every examination.

A Fulfilling Milestone:

In March 2023, I achieved a significant milestone – I became an ACCA Affiliate with all papers cleared in my very first attempt. This achievement was a testament to the relentless efforts of both my mentors and myself. However, the journey did not end there.

Placement Assistance and Beyond:

The Placement Team at Synthesis Learning played a pivotal role in shaping my future. With their assistance, I secured a coveted position as a Financial Planning Analyst at InCorp Advisory Services Pvt. Ltd., a distinguished ACCA Approved Employer. This achievement underscores the exceptional opportunities that Synthesis Learning offers its students. I am deeply grateful for their unwavering guidance, support, and direction in my transformation into an ACCA Affiliate.


My journey with ACCA and Synthesis Learning has been a transformative experience. I first attended a seminar after a chance encounter. Since then, I have succeeded with resilience and mentorship. Through these challenging times, Synthesis Learning has stood as a steadfast partner in my quest for excellence. As I progress in my career, I believe the skills and knowledge I gained will lead to more success. From hearing about ACCA success stories of others to becoming one, it has been an amazing journey.

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