How Should I Identify The Best ACCA eLearning Course Provider For Me?

This question is often asked by candidates who wish to pursue the coaching for ACCA Qualification through eLearning mode; in the interest of time, money, or flexibility. Lately, we have also witnessed an influx of students who were initially preparing for the ACCA Exams through a “classroom” or “self-study” mode, co-opting for this ACCA Online Classes or E-Learning.

While selecting a suitable ACCA Online Learning Provider for yourself, it is important to have a comprehensive view on all aspects with these 5Cs – credibility, convenience, content, comfort, and cost. Let us look at the benchmarks you can aim for in each of these.
Best ACCA Online Classes

1. Credibility

Credibility accredited by ACCA can be considered as the single largest factor influencing the decision to select your ACCA Learning Provider. Platinum Approved Learning Partners is the highest and most prestigious level of approval by ACCA; where the partners are required to meet global best practice benchmarks relating to the institution and course management, course delivery, and student support.

Equally important is the past performance and trust and enjoyed by the ACCA Learning Provider amongst the student fraternity. For instance, the ACCA eLearning platform offered by Synthesis Online has been trusted by 25,038+ students across 114+ countries with an average passing rate on the online platforms of over 90%. This course is offered in partnership with The ExP Group – the world’s only exclusively online ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner.

2. Convenience

By enrolling in convenient, flexible & self-paced online courses, you can have the luxury to work or pursue graduation while you prepare for ACCA exams. In today’s demanding world, it’s no wonder why so many people are choosing to advance their ACCA careers by studying online. This ensures that you’re studying at a pace that just suits you – by spending more time on topics you find challenging and less time on topics you can quickly retain or may already be familiar with. But with freedom comes responsibility.

In practice we have seen students, who follow a tested methodology or learning plan, tend to outperform those who don’t. Our ACCA eLearning platform has been designed by an experienced instructional design team using purpose-driven educational milestones to maximize the impact of your learning and ultimately ensuring convenience and exam success for our students. The lectures can be viewed anytime-anywhere; through the day or night; on multiple platforms viz. a computer, smartphone, or tablet.

3. Content

As Bill Gates exclaimed way back in 1996, content is the king.

Video tutorials, practice questions, comprehensive notes, mock exams, revision series, webinars on last-minute tips, etc. are all different types of content you need to consume to make the most of your ACCA Exam preparations. Needless to say, the content is only as useful as the person creating it. Content prepared by industry or subject matter experts will always be highly regarded. ACCA-approved study text and exam kits should be a must inclusion in your course. You can look out for renowned publication houses like Kaplan or BPP .

Synthesis Online uses licensed Kaplan study materials as the source document; Kaplan is the largest professional exam publishing house in the world. The expert tutors focus on demystifying topics within the syllabus through crisp 30-minute-long videos. After each learning lecture, you will find multimedia-style quizzes as a learning reinforcement exercise.

There are also various types of questions in accordance with the ACCA examination – multiple-choice, drag, and drop, put in a specific order, or a numerical answer. In the final run-up to the real exam, we conduct a webinar with last-minute guidance, tips, and tricks that will help ensure that you remain focused on the final push to get through your exam.

You Can Check The Advanced 7-Step Pedagogy


4. Comfort

Beware of the pitfall as many ACCA Approved Learning Providers offer merely recorded versions of classroom sessions; which fails to give a comprehensive understanding of the concept. It is equally important to consider that you will have several doubts on the way, which can be best addressed by experienced tutors. Your ability to seek support, additional resources, assessments, or job assistance from your ACCA online learning provider is a pot of gold.

We understand that each student is different; so, our platform provides a unique AI-enabled personalized study plan and feedback to give you the comfort of individual attention along with tutor support for doubt-solving. Our counsellors also personally keep a check on the progress of each student periodically and help them with any guidance they may need from time to time to ace their preparations.

5. Cost

There will always be ample free resources available, but you do need to think carefully about whom you can entrust with your ACCA Exam preparations. ACCA eLearning courses any way come with secondary savings like commuting costs and printed learning materials. You will put so much time and effort into getting the ACCA Qualification, but poor resources can threaten your hard work & risk your chances to succeed.

We firmly believe in offering our courses at ethical pricing, where the cost of your ACCA preparation does not exceed the cost of your ACCA exam fees. Our ACCA courses start from ₹8,000 / £80 all-inclusive. To top this, we also offer a Full Pass Guarantee; in the unlikely event that one of our students fails his/her exam after completing the full course, we will provide another full eLearning course free of charge. No questions asked.

Careful consideration of ACCA eLearning courses on these parameters can significantly increase your chances of success. All the best!!

Our courses are currently being offered with up to 40% scholarships and 365-day access.