With many students these days reporting unease about having not done well in professional entrance exam like CA Foundation or CS Foundation, the most common reasons being a rigid exam structure and curriculum coupled with career doubts on the way ahead. But before you throw in the sheet, you must consider that your confusion is just a momentary affliction that could be addressed. You may experience career doubts as soon as you start your studies simply because you do not know enough about the many options that are available to you in the professional route. Here are some of the quick points you can check before taking that plunge-

Bigger Picture

To get a feel for the future as a Chartered Accountant or Company Secretary, first check online videos like “ A day in the life of a Chartered Accountant” or “Life at Deloitte/KPMG”. This will help you understand exactly where you are headed and how your role will affect the gears in the machine you will be a part of. Thinking about the bigger picture will help you to understand the role as best as possible, and give you the motivation to continue your endeavours.

Talking To Likeminded People

Keep immersing yourself and discuss with like-minded people who could be your friends, teachers or well-wishers. Everyone started there at some point and most will be more than willing to give you a helping hand in understanding how it all works. If the worst comes to the worst and you still have doubts over things after a settling-in period, it might be a good idea to talk to someone higher up the career path in Accounting and Finance to see how they feel about the situation. They’ll almost certainly have a similar experience and be able to help you understand your next steps.

Undergoing Career Counselling

Going to events or career counselling seminars can make you feel more connected to your career choice. While a lot of students continue opt for CA/CS Foundation, of lately we have seen many students also considering alternative professional qualifications simultaneously. We don’t recommend you to abruptly decide on your career path, but if you are looking at other professional courses gaining momentum , you could look at acquiring ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Analysts) which is accepted at a global level and have remarkable reputation amongst employers and clients.

If you’re thinking about the future rather than just the present, this will make things easier. Finally, remind yourself why your field is a rewarding and fulfilling career sought by many. Keep looking for opportunities that suit your scope, and work towards certain goals rather than just on a day-to-day basis—this will help you stay focused and driven, even on the worst days. Don’t take a hasty decision and remember “There’s No Traffic Jam On The Extra Mile “

For any further doubts, you may also call our counsellors at Synthesis Learning on +91 9320007893/96 to better understand which career option is more suitable for you.

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