Cracking the Exams: Top ACCA Study Resources You need to watch out

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If you are an ACCA-pursuing student, this blog is of great relevance to you. You will learn about the top ACCA study resources offered by the ACCA professional body for students that will help you crack the exam. These resources help you learn and develop the skills needed to succeed in your qualifications.

The ACCA exams test real-world skills and knowledge needed in the 21st century. They are practical and hands-on. Hence a traditional approach to learning may not be the best strategy to crack these exams. Besides what you learn in class, keep an eye out for helpful ACCA resources. Since they are available in plenty, students often get lost or confused along the way. Hence, we present to you a quick laundry list of some key resources you must follow from time to time.

Top ACCA Study Resources

1. ACCA-Approved Study Materials

When preparing for ACCA exams, having the right study materials is crucial. Refer to the latest ACCA books from Kaplan Publications (Sep 2022 – Aug 2023) with comprehensive content and exam preparation. BPP Learning Media offers ACCA materials with detailed content and case studies. Get Through Guides produces affordable, high-quality books for finance and accounting. Besides this ACCA has its own resource material which is free to use for students across the world.

2. ACCA Study Hub

The ACCA Study Hub stands as an exclusive digital platform that offers free access to study materials for students worldwide. Students studying for FIA, Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Strategic Professional exams can use this resource. ACCA Study Hub is one of the best ACCA study resources available for students.

What’s included in the Study Hub?

  • Free online study content that covers the full syllabus.
  • Short quizzes to test understanding as you progress through the chapters.
  • Practice and revision questions and flashcards, to help prepare you for your exam.

You can access the Study Hub via your myACCA account. Once logged in to myACCA, go to ‘My qualifications‘ and then select ‘ACCA Study Hub’. Alternatively, you can log in directly using your myACCA credentials.


3. Study Support Resources

Every time you attempt a paper, this resource is a must-see. You will receive guidance for debriefing the subject, planning your studies, and understanding the examiner’s expectations. For every paper you will be able to understand the following:

  • Planning your studies
  • Exam team guidance
  • Get ready for modules.
  • Technical Articles
  • Examiners Reports
  • Exam Techniques
  • Mock and Debrief Videos
  • Compass – ACCA Study Planner
  • Podcasts

4. ACCA YouTube Channel

Along with the ACCA study support resources on the ACCA Global website, their YouTube channel offers useful videos that will complement your ACCA learning journey. The channel is designed to enable easy navigation and show content relevant to you. Videos on the homepage are arranged into sections that correspond to the three stages of the ACCA qualification – Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Strategic Professional.

Each exam has a separate playlist. It’s a must-watch for every ACCA student. This YouTube channel can be your stepping stone to practice tests for Applied Knowledge. It also has student webinars on the channel.

5. ACCA Practice Tests

Practice makes perfect, and ACCA practice tests are an essential part of your preparation.

  • On-Demand Practice TestFor the first 4 papers. You can buy these practice On Demand Mock Exams from your MyACCA Account. These are ‘must solve’ before the final exam.
  • CBE Practice PlatformPaper 5 onwards. To access the ACCA’s sample mock exams and past paper questions, use your MyACCA Account. These resources are tailored to your attempt. You can access this through your My ACCA Account. Take these practice exams online to simulate the real exam before the final exam.

6. ACCA Mobile Apps

In today’s mobile-centric world, having ACCA resources at your fingertips is convenient. The Student Accountant App will give you ACCA news and updates for exams. This is a must-download app on your phones now.

7. Subject-Specific Webinars (In Session Plus):

Ensure that you connect with the ACCA official social handle on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Be on the watch for regular updates including engaging webinars conducted for various papers & general finance topics from time to time. A repository can also be found on “The ACCA Student Support Resources” channel on YouTube.

8. ACCA Communities and Forums

Engaging with fellow ACCA students can be incredibly beneficial. Online communities and forums, such as the ACCA subreddit, Telegram channels and ACCA Global Learning Community, provide a platform for discussion, sharing tips, and seeking advice from those who have walked the same path.

9. Study Groups

Forming or joining an ACCA study group can foster a collaborative learning environment. Discussing challenging topics with peers can lead to better comprehension.

10. Conclusion

Embarking on your ACCA journey is a significant step toward a rewarding career in business and finance. A lot of free resources are available for students but to ensure your success in these cutting-edge, application-based exams, it is highly recommended to choose an Approved Learning Partner. Synthesis Learning is a Platinum ALP(Platinum ALP status for ACCA is the highest level of accreditation for Approved Learning Providers, a testament to their exceptional quality and outstanding pass rates), we offer end-to-end support, including counselling, coaching, mentoring, and placement. Check out the awesome global ranks our students scored – they’ve really made us proud!

I hope this blog post has been helpful. Best of luck in your ACCA exams!

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