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Empower your workforce for future success with Synthesis Learning. Our tailored programs drive growth by empowering employees with cutting-edge skills and knowledge. Invest in your team’s development to achieve your business goals and stay ahead in today’s dynamic market landscape. Discover the power of investing in your workforce with Synthesis Learning.

Professional Courses Training

Synthesis Learning is an affiliated with and recognised by several top notch global financial certification institutions to deliver professional courses like ACCA, DipIFR, CFA, etc. that empowers professionals to fast track their career progression.

Modes of training: Online, Recorded, At Your Campus

Customised Learning Interventions

We partner with organisations to identify and analyse L&D gaps across departments. This helps us to build customised career paths to impart KPI-linked programs, thereby helping you to achieve the desired Return on Training Investment (ROTI).

Modes of training: Online, At Your Campus

Recruit Upcoming Talent

Our team is exposed to a large pool of talented young business and finance professionals who are meticulously trained and nurtured by top mentors. We can assist you in recruiting this talent by extending profiles that meet your specific requirements.

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Necessity of Learning & Development

Increased Importance of Learning & Development (L&D):

83% of L&D professionals say that talent is the number one priority in their organizations.
93% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their careers.

Impact of Upskilling and Reskilling:

92% of employees are more likely to stay at a company that invests in their upskilling and reskilling.
85% of employees say that they would feel more confident in their job if they received more training from their employer.

Preference for on-demand Learning:

92% of employees would invest more time in learning if their employer provided more opportunities for on-demand learning.
74% of employees prefer to learn at their own pace, indicating a strong demand for self-paced learning resources.

Importance of Soft Skills Development:

66% of talent professionals say that soft skills are more important than hard skills.
78% of employees would be more productive if they received more soft skills training.

Impact of Learning on Employee Engagement and Retention:

94% of employees would stay at a company longer if it invested in their career development.
82% of employees believe that workplace learning is a key factor in deciding whether to stay at their current job.

Preference for Learning from Peers:

57% of employees prefer to learn from their peers, indicating the importance of peer-to-peer learning initiatives.

Who are we?

At Synthesis Learning, we revolutionize corporate training with an innovative approach that swaps the conventional for the extraordinary. Bid farewell to tedious lectures and embrace dynamic, new age learning interventions tailored for real-world success. With a track record spanning two decades, we’re not just trainers – we’re your ultimate ally in unleashing the full potential of your team.

From Fortune 500 juggernauts to agile startups, we partner with organizations of all sizes & sectors, helping them future-proof their workforce with cutting-edge programs and certifications. Join the learning revolution today and discover how we can elevate your team to new heights of achievement.

Training Pedagogy

Identify your business needs
We're your training compass

Know your starting point, map your goals

Customized training content
Tailored to your specific needs

Flexible delivery
Choose your learning style, campus, online, blend it up!

Post-assessment & report
Track your progress, see the impact

Support & coaching
We're with you every step of the way

Celebrating Decades of Impact

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We've seen it all
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Spreading knowledge across the nation

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We partner with the best

Training Topics
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We know what works

Corporate Training Courses

Financial Modelling for Equity

Master Financial Modelling for Equity and unlock investment opportunities. Learn to analyze stock valuation, forecast...

Derivative Markets

Gain expertise in Derivative Markets and enhance your risk management skills. Learn about futures, options,...

Foreign Exchange and Money Markets

Navigate Foreign Exchange and Money Markets with confidence. Learn to manage currency risk, execute foreign...

Securities Spectrum

Dive into the world of Securities Spectrum with our expert-led training. Explore equity and debt...

World’s Going Digital

Navigate Digitalization Dynamics with confidence. Learn about digital transformation trends, technology adoption strategies, and digital...

Mindset Mastery for Maximized Productivity

Achieve Mindset Mastery for Maximized Productivity with our specialized training. Learn mindset techniques, productivity hacks,...

Mind Mapping Madness

Master Mind Mapping Madness and unleash your creativity. Learn mind mapping techniques, brainstorming methods, and...

Data Analysis and Visualization using AI Tools

Explore Data Analysis and Visualization using AI tools and unlock valuable insights. Learn AI-powered data...

PowerPoint Palooza

Join our PowerPoint Palooza and create impactful presentations. Learn design principles, storytelling techniques, and presentation...

Trusted for Training Excellence by Top Corporates

We have helped over 200+ companies meet their L&D objectives by analysing and bridging the knowledge gaps across departments. We design and deliver customised career paths pan-India to meet business objectives.

Through our multiple practices, we partner with organisations to impart programs designed to cater to the employees across all the levels of management, imbibing cutting-edge financial knowledge and concepts.

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