Welcome to Synthesis Learning

Are you a teenager, an adult looking after teenagers or a person with high emotional sensitivity? Are you looking for ways – strategies – to help smooth the ride of the emotional roller coaster rather than just to cope with it’s highs and lows?

Have you experienced (or seen your teenage son or daughter) crying without knowing why; being overwhelmed emotionally; feeling angry and not being able to communicate feelings; maybe slamming doors? Would understanding the ‘whys’ of emotional communication and learning new strategies for this be helpful to you?

Perhaps you are studying for an exam or are the parent of a teenager who is lacking in motivation with their studies or showing signs of being depressed?  Is your son or daughter becoming increasingly anxious and upset about getting the grades they need? Do you want ideas for how you could help?

“Life is Learning and Learning is Life”

PC_167491263 THINKSTOCK Teenagers_13cmSynthesis Learning provides 1-to-1 sessions for adults, teens and teens together with their parents. It develops personalised life and learning strategies that work for each individual to enable them to form new, healthier habits for better well-being, for life. It also gives talks and runs interactive workshops that empower people for success in life, career and in exams.

Synthesis learning can help you to develop your own practical strategies to:

  • help you understand and process overwhelming or confusing emotions
  • manage and release feelings of panic, stress, anxiety and depression
  • communicate your wants and needs better
  • set boundaries and negotiate relationships with peers, friends and family
  • aid decision making
  • improve the quality of sleep
  • increase your creativity and ability to learn and recall information
  • manage anger and process feelings of loss or loneliness
  • help you achieve goals


Nigel offers an exploratory half-hour consultation, at no cost. This can be a 1-to-1, phone or Skype session. Call 07916 148002 now.