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What is ACCA Course?

Passport to the World of Accounting & Finance with Students in 179+ Countries

ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a leading professional accountancy body with 119+ years of experience. ACCA Members are innovative, strategic-thinking finance professionals needed for the fast-changing world.

The ACCA Qualification is a globally-recognised qualification that offers real world experience and a strong digital focus. Just the job for forward-thinking finance professionals. Recognised and respected, it’s a qualification that says you are serious about your finance career and you understand the latest developments shaping the way business operates.

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Synthesis Learning is an ACCA Approved Learning Partner (ALP) with happy students from 25+ cities in India.
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Everything about ACCA

Here’s what drives thousands of Indian students to invest in their future!

Become an expert in Advisory Consultancy Audit Assurance Digital Taxation Reporting Management

ACCA Exemptions

Congratulations! You can now get a head start from the current qualification. ACCA offers exemptions to various qualified and semi-qualified candidates depending on the highest educational qualification, institute, degree, and year of passing.

Grade 10 /
Grade 12 (Passed)

No exemptions
Begin from Knowledge Level

B.Com and its Specialisations (Pursuing*)

Upto 5 exemptions
Begin from Skills Level

B.Com + CA Inter/IPCC (Cleared)

6+ exemptions
Begin from Skills Level


9 exemptions
Begin from Professional Level

*Provisional or confirmed exemptions from select universities upon submission of required documents.
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What's Brewing with ACCA?

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ACCA Jobs and Global Employers

With ACCA, get the necessary supercharge for your employability and showcase your skills to the top employers including Big 4. This global qualification will help you to find exciting and rewarding opportunities to take your career forward in India and Abroad. It’s where major organisations look for ambitious and talented individuals just like you!

The ACCA course provides excellent career opportunities to commerce students and professionals, creating strategic-thinking business managers across the domains of business, finance, accounting, banking, consulting, audit, taxation, management, etc.

These companies trust ACCAs with their future, do you?

Over 92% ACCA students at Synthesis Learning are placed at such top companies.
Ready to take on the corporate world with the coveted ACCA Course as your companion?

Synthesis Learning: Comprehensive ACCA Courses Tailored for Your Success

Acquiring an ACCA certification plays an important role in one’s career in the field of finance and accounts, which is why, at Synthesis Learning, we fully grasp the importance of this process. 

Being listed amongst trusted ACCA classes, we have a vision, which is to give you comprehensive learning support to facilitate your ACCA certification. For a better understanding of the ACCA course, we have compiled the information below.

ACCA Course Fees In India 

The ACCA course fees are an important factor that students need to consider early in their choice process, especially when selecting a course to study in India. 

It is important to establish a general understanding of the cost implications of ACCA in order to create an effective plan. 

The ACCA course fees in India depend on several factors, including the institution from which the courses are offered and the standard of the ACCA course. ACCA course may may cost between INR 1. 5 lakhs to 2. 5 lakhs. We encourage every student to make use of the ACCA fees calculator to know the exact fees and plan ahead for their course.

The ACCA course fees include the following components:

Acca Fees For Initial Registration:

The ACCA course fees in India for initial registration can cost INR 8,000.

Acca Fees For Annual Subscription:

The ACCA course fees in India for annual subscription is around INR 10,000 for an average student.

Acc Fees For Examination:

The exam fees vary according to the level of examination; it approximately ranges from INR 10,800 to INR 31,500 for every examination.

Students should bare in mind that the examination fees differs, based on the exemptions allowed. To get more information about exemption fees, use the ACCA exemption calculator.

Reasons to Take ACCA Courses Online with Synthesis Learning 

We recognize the need for flexibility in ACCA course preparation. Therefore, Synthesis Learning also offers ACCA online courses. Our ACCA online courses are structured and planned to suit the needs of working professionals, students in remote areas, and those who prefer self-paced learning. Features of our ACCA online courses include:

Flexible Scheduling:

Given the difficulty of the ACCA course, we have focused on flexible scheduling that enables access to recorded lectures and materials.

Accessible Resources:

Gain access to a wealth of study resources, including practice tests and video tutorials.


Our ACCA course aims to provide a more affordable option without compromising on quality. 

How does a student benefit from ACCA Online Learning At Synthesis Learning? 

Our ACCA online learning program is designed for students who are unable to attend physical classes due to various reasons. Students have the liberty to study from anywhere, irrespective of their geographical location. With our ACCA online coaching program, students can benefit from personalized study plans that work according to their job commitments and college exams. 

Why should you enroll in our ACCA classes in Mumbai? 

For students seeking ACCA classrooms in Mumbai, Synthesis Learning is the right place to prepare. Our ACCA classes in Mumbai provide a supportive and interactive learning environment.

Key features of our ACCA classes in Mumbai include: 

Expert Faculty:

Our instructors at ACCA classes in Mumbai are expert professionals with extensive experience in ACCA.

Comprehensive Study Materials:

We provide detailed study materials and resources with ACCA coaching to aid your learning process. 

Interactive Sessions:

We encourage students to participate in classroom discussions and interactive sessions to enhance understanding.

Personalized Mentoring:

Students with our ACCA classes in Mumbai, benefit from one-on-one mentoring to address individual learning needs and doubts.

Preparing for ACCA exams requires motivation and the right resources. To help you succeed, we’ve created an inspiring and informative YouTube channel packed with tips, strategies, and success stories from ACCA achievers. Check out our YouTube link to find the encouragement and guidance you need to excel in your exams.


What are the ACCA course fees at Synthesis Learning?

The ACCA course fees at Synthesis Learning vary based on the level and the number of papers you enroll for. For a more detailed fees structure, please contact our admission team. 

How does the ACCA course fees in India compare to other countries?

ACCA course fees in India is more affordable than other countries due to factors like operational costs and others. Synthesis Learning offers competitive costs so as to provide quality education at affordable rates. 

What is the schedule for ACCA classes in Mumbai?

Our ACCA classes in Mumbai are designed to accommodate various schedules. To secure a batch time, contact our admission team while enrolling with us.

Does Synthesis Learning offer ACCA courses online?

Yes, Synthesis Learning offers comprehensive ACCA courses online, providing the same quality of education and support as our in-person classes.

How can I enroll in ACCA courses online at Synthesis Learning?

Enrolling in our ACCA courses online is simple. Visit our website, choose the ACCA course, fill out the application form, and submit the required documents. Our admissions team will guide you through the rest of the process. 

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you're excited, and with lots of questions to get started with ACCA Course

Pass rate refers to the percentage of candidates who successfully pass a particular examination or assessment. The pass rates for ACCA exams vary for each paper and exam session. On average, the pass rates typically range from 40% to 50% for most papers. However, it’s important to note that pass rates can differ based on the level of difficulty and complexity of the papers.
ACCA and CA are equally challenging qualifications. However, ACCA stands out for its flexibility. Students can attempt one subject at a time, allowing thorough preparation and focused study. This flexibility helps in efficient planning of studies and boosts chances of success. Hence the pass rates for ACCA are far higher than CA (3-4 times).
ACCA professionals can command competitive salaries due to the global recognition and comprehensive skill-set they possess. The earning potential varies based on factors such as experience, job role, industry, and location. ACCA members often secure well-paying positions in accounting, finance, and consulting firms, and their salaries tend to increase with career progression. However, in general ACCA affiliates have starting salary between INR 5-7 lakhs. If you have any additional degree or experience, this figure only moves northwards!
ACCA or the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants is indeed experiencing growth in India. With the increasing globalization of businesses and the demand for skilled finance professionals, ACCA’s global recognition and comprehensive syllabus have attracted aspiring accountants and finance professionals across India. The number of ACCA members and students has been steadily increasing, indicating the growing popularity and acceptance of ACCA as a preferred qualification. Additionally, ACCA has been actively collaborating with universities and educational institutions in India to expand its reach and provide more opportunities for aspiring professionals in the field of accounting and finance.
The level of difficulty of ACCA varies from individual to individual. Your background when you begin ACCA (student, graduate, CA, MBA, etc.) adds to your existing knowledge when you start the qualification. Having said that ACCA exams very flexible, student-friendly with relatively high pass rates if approached with the right coaching and discipline.
According to pass rates and student feedback, Advanced Audit and Assurance (AAA) and Advanced Performance Management (APM) are often regarded as challenging subjects in the ACCA Qualification. These papers require a high level of technical expertise and analytical skills. Furthermore, Performance Management (PM) is often perceived as challenging to pass Skills Level by many students.
The cost of pursuing ACCA typically is a sum of several components such as registration fees, exam fees, exemption fees, etc payable to the ACCA Body as well as coaching and content fees payable to the learning partner. Generally, the total cost can range from approximately INR 2-3.5 lakhs, depending on the number of exams, tuition provider, etc. It is advisable to check with ACCA Approved Learning Partners (ALPs) or their official website for the most accurate and up-to-date cost information.
After completing ACCA, the highest position one can achieve depends on several factors including experience, expertise and opportunities. ACCA members are in several top management roles including CEO, CFO, Financial Controller, Finance Director, Audit Partner and several board-level positions. However, reaching these positions requires more than just the ACCA qualification and is greatly influenced by individual capabilities and market dynamics.
The speed at which an individual completes the ACCA qualification can vary based on factors such as prior qualifications, exemptions availed, and individual commitment. ACCA provides flexibility with its quarterly exam schedule. The time duration can range from 6 months to 3 years depending on your highest educational degree.

Absolutely, an average student can pass ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) with the right mentorship, effective exam preparation techniques and discipline. While ACCA exams can be challenging, they are designed to assess applied knowledge and practical skills. With consistent preparation, practice, and a focused approach, an average student can achieve success in ACCA. It is important to develop a study plan, utilize available resources, seek appropriate guidance, and stay motivated throughout the journey.

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