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ACCA is Association of Chartered Certified Accountant, world’s most forward-thinking professional accountancy body based in UK with 118+ years of experience. ACCA is a globally accepted qualification for successful careers in finance, accounting, banking, consulting and management. ACCA qualification provides excellent career opportunities in India and abroad, to commerce students and professionals, creating strategic-thinking business managers globally.
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1. Interesting ACCA jobs and profiles

The ACCA Qualification, opens doors to the best and most interesting roles in the business world across functions.

Functions and roles :

  • Corporate Financial Reporting
  • Audit & Assurance
  • International Taxation
  • Legal Governance, Risk & Control
  • Management Accountancy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Merger and Acquisitions
  • Financial / Business Analyst
  • Credit Control & much more

2. Excellent ACCA jobs in India and Globally

ACCA jobs comprise global career options in big four accounting & auditing firms, viz. KPMG, E&Y, Deloitte, PWC and multinational companies like Citicorp, JP Morgan, Microsoft, HSBC, Siemens, Nestle, Accenture amongst others. ACCA works with more than 7820+ approved employers to provide and more than 95 accountancy partnerships worldwide and connect the members with thousands of vacancies through the ACCA careers job portal.

Watch the below video 📹 to know more about the ACCA Jobs in India & Abroad

3. Join the global ACCA network

When you join the ACCA Qualification, you become part of the strong professional network of more than 2,41,000 members and 5,42,000+ students in 179+ countries. You build valuable contacts at networking events and chat with fellow students on virtual learning. After membership you can join the worldwide ACCA LinkedIn network, connecting you with lakhs of like-minded accounting and finance professionals globally.

4. Pursue the ACCA Qualification alongide graduation or after graduation

You can pursue the ACCA Qualification

  1. After Class 10th or 12th
  2. After Graduation (B.Com, BMS, BBA, BAF etc.) or
  3. After a Professional Qualification (CA Inter, CA, CMA, CS, MBA, M.Com etc.)

  4. To check the exemptions applicable to you visit our ACCA Exemptions Calculator

Totally there are 13 papers and ACCA exams are held 4 times in a year. You can choose how you study, how often you sit for your exams and where you get your relevant practical experience. You can even appear for one paper at a time every 3 months.

5. Not just accounting but a comprehensive professional course

ACCA syllabus trains you to make a career across varied fields viz. finance, business management, international taxation apart from accounting & financial reporting.

ACCA Qualification is designed to develop

  • Vital knowledge : 13 theory papers
  • Practical skills : 3 years’ work experience
  • Professional values : Ethics & Professional Skills module


To become an ACCA member, you must



Pass ACCA exams in 13 papers (exemptions from some ACCA papers are available for relevant degrees)


Complete an Ethics & Professional Skills module, and


Gain 36 months of relevant work experience.
(accrued before, during, or after participation in the ACCA qualification)

The ACCA syllabus are divided into 3 levels: Knowledge, Skills and Professional

The ACCA papers as per the 3 levels are listed below:

Knowledge Level
Paper 1: Business and Technology
Paper 2: Management Accounting
Paper 3: Financial Accounting
Skills Level
Paper 4: Corporate & Business Law
Paper 5: Performance Management
Paper 6: Taxation
Paper 7: Financial Reporting
Paper 8: Audit & Assurance
Paper 9: Financial Management
Professional Level
Paper 10: Strategic Business Leader
Paper 11: Strategic Business Reporting
Options (Any 2/4) Paper 12 and Paper 13
Advanced Financial Management
Advanced Performance Management
Advanced Taxation
Advanced Audit & Assurance

Watch the video below to know everything about the ACCA Subjects & Levels


  1. +10th Grade & +12th Grade Students : No exemptions availaible. You must begin from Paper 1.
  2. B.Com Graduates : 4 Paper exemptions. Can begin directly from Paper 5.
  3. B. Com + CA Inter / IPCC (Both groups cleared) : 6 Paper exemptions.
  4. CA’s : 9 Paper exemptions. Can begin directly from Paper 10.
  5. Other relevant degrees like CMA, CS, MBA : You may qualify to certain exemptions.

    To check for the exemptions applicable to you visit our ACCA Exemptions Calculator.

    You can also checkout the video below and claim your #ShortcutToSuccess with us!


  • Paper 1 to Paper 4 are computer based, objective exams, on demand and can be taken throughout the year.
  • Paper 5 onwards, all exams are Session Based Online Exams. There are 4 exam windows each year in March, June, September and December. The papers are a mix of objective & structured responses.
  • The pass mark for all papers is minimum 50%

Watch the video 📹 below to know more about the total marks, exam duration, paper format & question types for ACCA exams!


On completing each module you will be awarded additional accounting certifications as listed below:

  1. Upon completion* of the Knowledge Level, you will be awarded the Diploma in Accounting and Business.
  2. Upon completion* of the Skills Level, the Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Business is awarded.
  3. Upon completion* of the Professional Level, you will become an ACCA Affiliate.
  4. You will be awarded ACCA certification and will be eligible for ACCA membership upon completion of all 13 papers and requisite 3 years work experience.

  5. *Essential to complete Ethics & Professional Module (EPSM).

Watch the video 📹 below to know about the ACCA Syllabus & Certifications


The pace at which you study for your ACCA is very flexible. You can choose how you study, how often you sit for your exams and where you get your relevant practical experience.

Typically the ACCA qualification duration is as under :

Undergraduates (Paper 1 onwards) 2.5 to 3 years
Graduates (Paper 5 onwards)    1.5 to 2 years
CA Inter/ IPCC   1 to 1.5 years
Chartered Accountants (Paper 10 onwards) 6 to 8 months

However, this will depend on the number of exemptions awarded.

To check the exemptions applicable to you visit our ACCA Exemptions Calculator


title-bg-darkMODES OF LEARNING

Start your career in Business & Finance with our



Classroom + Live Online


100% Live Online Courses


Self-paced Online Courses

title-bgBATCH DETAILS & COURSE SCHEDULE - Classroom + Live Online


City Training Centres Start Date Batch Format
Mumbai Matunga & Vile Parle Batch 1 - 06th July 2023 (ongoing) Classroom + Live Online
Batch 2 - 21st August 2023 (upcoming)


Training Centres (Mumbai) ACCA Subject Start Date End Date Attempt
Matunga & Vile Parle

Batch Format
Classroom + Live Online
TX, AFM 12th Jun '23 13th Aug '23 Sep '23
FR 10th Jul '23 31st Oct '23 Dec '23
PM, AAA 11th Sep '23 12th Nov '23 Dec '23
AA, SBL 11th Dec '23 15th Feb '24 Mar '24
FM, SBR 11th Mar '24 12th May '24 Jun '24
TX, AFM 10th Jun '24 15th Aug '24 Sep '24
PM, AAA 09th Sep '24 13th Nov '24 Dec '24

title-bgBATCH DETAILS & COURSE SCHEDULE - 100% Live Online Courses


ACCA Subjects Start Date Attempt
BT, MA, FA 06th July 2023 On Demand


For Dec 2023 Attempt

ACCA Subjects Start Date End Date Schedule
PM11th Sept '23 19th Nov '23 1 Weekday Evening + Saturday + Sunday (3-4 hours each)
FR, AA, TX, FM 11th Sept '23 19th Nov '23 Saturday + Sunday (4 hours each)
AAA 11th Sept '23 19th Nov '23 1 Weekday Evening + Saturday + Sunday (3-4 hours each)
SBL, SBR, AFM, APM 11th Sept '23 19th Nov '23 Saturday + Sunday (4 hours each)

title-bgBATCH DETAILS & COURSE SCHEDULE - Self paced Online Courses

Check Our Complete ACCA E-Learning Courses | Study Anytime, Study Anywhere.

Available here:

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Aashna Shah

R.A.PODAR College

My experience has been excellent with both ACCA qualification as well as Synthesis Learning. ACCA provides one with practical learning and makes us ready to enter corporate world without much difficulty. Also, Synthesis Learning helped us with a lot of support ranging from professional teachers to help cracking our papers through remote exams in this pandemic times.

Dhruv Sanghavi

NM College

My experience has been completely astounding. The thorough teaching has helped me reach my potentials. The management and teaching staff ensured a smooth journey through the ACCA qualification. In spite of the virtual platforms the level of teaching did not degrade. Looking forward to the same exciting experience in skills level too.

Bushra Khalid

Hinduja College

My experience with the academy has always remained categorically stunning and been a part of my life for a year. It has done so much to shape my calibre in a way that has affected my life profoundly. It gives me an immense sense of pleasure having cleared my knowledge level in one go! Now, it’s the skills level I am looking forward to, taking a deep dive to explore its true depth. My whole gratitude is towards the phenomenal representation of faculty at Synthesis Learning. Thank you for your guidance and courage in blazing a trail for so many of us and making this experience an incredible one!

Joel Eugene

K.C College

My experience has been very good. All the tutors and the faculty are very cooperative and supportive. There is a constant push from the faculty with many revisions and mock tests which are very helpful.

Richa Lawrence

K. J. Somaiya College

My experience has been exceptionally well. The entire team of Synthesis Learning is really helpful and cooperative. Conceptual clarity and willingness of teachers to explain a topic any number of times is the biggest plus advantage at Synthesis Learning. Initially I was nervous but now after completing Knowledge Level I'm confident that the day I become an ACCA with Synthesis Learning's guidance isn't far away.

Vanshika Sapru

SIES (Nerul) College

My experience has been amazing throughout the knowledge level. I can crack all knowledge papers because of best coaching and amazing teaching faculties! According to me it is a best class for ACCA, in fact I recommend to my friends too!! And I am happy that I am part of Synthesis Learning!!

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ACCA Scope in India and across the globe:

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