How Much Does an ACCA Earn? Salary v/s Other Professions Like CA, CFA, MBA, etc.

Do you aspire to build a solid career with an excellent salary package? As per the regular structure, one of the most important aspects is the placements and packages you get after you complete any qualification or degree. Suppose you are an accounting & finance enthusiast. In that case, the Chartered Accountancy qualification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) or the Association Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) qualification are the best options to pursue a bright future. Naturally, the attractive ACCA salary per month makes it one of the tempting factors to consider as a career in which to opt for a bright future. And we at Synthesis Learning are here to make your journey to ACCA simpler.

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Whether you’re an undergrad, a graduate, stuck with CA Inter, or already a qualified CA, ACCA is a solid choice for expanding your qualifications globally. It’s worth noting that ACCA and CA differ a lot in what they cover, how long they take, and the salary you might earn. Other career paths are becoming a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or getting an MBA, each offering unique skills and opportunities in finance and business. Let us read more about what is ACCA course, is and the ACCA salary per month according to the different countries so that you can easily decide the one career to vouch for a bright future.

What is ACCA?

Before deciding between careers, why don’t you get a brief idea of what is ACCA? ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) is a well-known international accountancy body with certified accountant qualifications globally. Born in 1904, ACCA isn’t just some old school club; it’s a major league global professional accounting body about the Chartered Certified Accountant qualification. With a whopping 240,952 members and another 541,930 on their way up, ACCA is a big deal in the accounting world.

ACCA Salary Overview

If you opt for an ACCA qualification, you will be highly regarded in the finance industry worldwide due to your expertise and tremendous knowledge. These factors, in turn, also significantly influence the ACCA salary per month. So, if you consider choosing ACCA as your career, you will be a master in your field with these skills and excellent knowledge.

ACCA Salary Per Month by Country

Now when everything is so sorted for you, we understand you are curious to know about the ACCA salary per month across different countries worldwide! So, here we are offering insights into the earning potential of ACCA professionals across prominent countries. Let this help you decide on this career and opt for the best ACCA coaching, like Synthesis Learning so that you complete your course successfully and with flying colors.

ACCA Salary In UK Per Month

The United Kingdom today is considered one of the best locations to start your career and increase. The ACCA salary in the UK per month varies widely based on experience, role, and location. On average, if you are a qualified ACCA member, expect to earn significantly higher than a non-qualified counterpart, with figures improving as experience accumulates. To put it formally, in the United Kingdom, ACCA professionals can command competitive salaries, ranging from around £42,000 annually. This translates to approximately 4,000000 INR per annum.

ACCA Salary In Dubai Per Month

The amount of work opportunities and career options in Dubai is certainly mind-blowing. This country constantly offers lucrative opportunities for ACCA professionals as well, with highly competitive ACCA salary in Dubai per month. There are very high chances for you to grow in Dubai as you greatly benefit from tax-free income. (The cherry on top of the cake you get while working in Dubai). Get ACCA qualifications and head on to start a career in Dubai. Enjoy attractive salary packages with annual incomes ranging from 98,000 AED. This is approximately 2,200,000 INR.

ACCA Salary In Canada Per Month

How can we forget Canada when talking about one of the highest-paying jobs in the world? The ACCA salary in Canada per month depends on factors such as the employment sector and the various roles offered. Your ACCA qualification will be highly valued if it aligns with Canadian accounting standards and practices. In Canada, you can demand high salaries, with annual incomes ranging from 77,000 CAD to around 4,600,000 INR.

ACCA Salary In the US Per Month

The United States of America is one more fabulous place to pursue a rewarding career after an ACCA qualification. We can say that because the ACCA salary in US per month showcases the high demand for skilled accountants. Of course, the exact figures vary by state and industry, but they generally align with high industry standards. So, if you are an ACCA professional in the USA, expect to earn an exceptional salary, with annual incomes ranging from 90,000 USD translated to 7,500,000 INR.

ACCA Salary In Australia Per Month

Let Australia be on your wishlist for a tempting career after ACCA as the demand for ACCA-qualified professionals is growing in Australia. The ACCA salary in Australia per month here is rewarding, reflecting the recognition and respect of ACCA qualifications. ACCAs enjoy impressive salaries, with average annual incomes ranging from 82,000 AUD, to around 4,000,000 INR.

ACCA Salary in Singapore Per Month

Singapore offers lucrative opportunities for ACCA professionals. The financial hub presents high demand, especially in sectors like banking and consultancy. ACCA qualifications lead to excellent salaries, ranging from S$50,000 to S$75,000 annually, which translates to about 2,800,000 to 4,200,000 INR. The favorable economic environment and tax benefits further enhance the appeal for accountants working in Singapore.

ACCA Salary In India Per Month

India is not behind in rewarding ACCA professionals with enticing pay. So, the ACCA salary in India per month ranges from 4-14 lakhs p.a. The starting salary without prior experience usually begins from 5 to 7 lakhs, and any additional experience will increase this salary figure northwards.

After this insight, we assure you that selecting the ideal workplace after completing your ACCA qualifications will be easy. However, to make your life easier, the following table gives insight into how much ACCAs earn across various countries (you can thank us later for this!):

Country Annual salary (in £) Annual salary

(1£ = ₹100)

UK £28,000 – £40,000 ₹28 – ₹40 Lakhs Full support package and benefits
Singapore £24,000 – £30,000 ₹24 – ₹30 Lakhs
Dubai ₹12 – ₹15 Lakhs
Switzerland £47,400 – £61,000 ₹47 – ₹61 Lakhs Plus bonuses
Hong Kong Standard:

£18,600 – £21,400 Big Four professional services:

£25,100 – £27,000


₹18 – ₹21 Lakhs Big Four professional services:

₹25 – ₹27 Lakhs

Australia £32,400 – £40,500 ₹32 – ₹40 Lakhs
France £23,100 – £31,400 ₹23 – ₹31 Lakhs Plus some extra packages
Germany £23,100 – £28,900 ₹23 – ₹29 Lakhs


ACCA Salary Per Month by Country

Comparing ACCA, CA, CFA & MBA salary

After getting such detailed insights about the ACCA salary in different countries worldwide, let us discuss the role and annual income you can earn through CFA in an MBA. The CFA salary in India ranges from 6 lakhs to 10 lakhs per annum, depending on the role, the company, and the city you are opting for the same. However, an MBA salary in India ranges from 5 lakh INR to 20 lakh INR annually (Depending on the Bschool). So, if you want to compare these salaries offered by qualification globally, the following table does that for you super easily:

India ₹3.5 – ₹20 Lakhs ₹3 – ₹12 Lakhs ₹2.6 – ₹13 Lakhs
UK ₹28 – ₹40 Lakhs ₹28 – ₹98 Lakhs ₹65 Lakhs
USA ₹28 – ₹75 Lakhs ₹34 – ₹95 Lakhs ₹71 Lakhs
Singapore ₹24 – ₹30 Lakhs ₹32 – ₹90 Lakhs ₹58 Lakhs
Switzerland ₹47 – ₹61 Lakhs ₹70 Lakhs ₹86 Lakhs
Hong Kong Standard:

₹18 – ₹21 Lakhs Big Four professional services:

₹25 – ₹27 Lakhs

₹88 Lakhs ₹45 Lakhs
Australia ₹32 – ₹40 Lakhs ₹52 Lakhs ₹69 Lakhs
France ₹23 – ₹31 Lakhs ₹43 Lakhs ₹69 Lakhs
Germany ₹23 – ₹29 Lakhs ₹57 Lakhs ₹54 Lakhs

Synthesis Learning -Your Partner To Start A Career In ACCA

While ACCA is a fantastic option, why don’t you consider trying your best to score amongst the top rankers across the globe? ACCA-qualified professionals enjoy a robust salary structure that rewards their comprehensive skill set and international qualifications. The ACCA salary per month reflects their capability and impact in various roles within the finance sector. With the help of Synthesis Learning, achieve ACCA certification to boost your earning potential and open doors to global career opportunities

Why Synthesis Learning Should Be Your Support To Pass ACCA Qualification?

Synthesis Learning stands out with exceptional ACCA training benefits with:

  • Diverse Learning Modes: Choose from classroom sessions, 100% live online classes, or self-paced online courses—perfect for full-time students and busy professionals.
  • Cost-Effective Learning: Offering ACCA courses at the most economical prices in India.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from experienced industry professionals dedicated to delivering high-quality training.
  • High Success Rates: Synthesis Learning is known for high pass rates and a strong presence across India.
  • Platinum ALP Status: ACCA awarded us the highest accreditation level for Approved Learning Providers, the Platinum ALP Status, which recognizes our exceptional quality and pass rates.

Synthesis Learning has a fabulous history of helping the global ranks get an advantage in their careers after passing ACCA with flying colors. Join us for the much-needed push to your career and start a journey to success and splendor.


Let us derive and accept that for almost all the qualifications, the pay scale outside India is significantly higher than in the country. That is why it becomes essential to consider a qualification that gives you a global age and competence.

That is where ACCA and CFA gain an advantage over CA. However, ACCA is a very flexible qualification in demand, making you globally competent at a very early age. We are sure you would make a wise decision when deciding upon your future and select the qualifications that bring you joy and immense happiness in the form of significant financial benefits in the future.

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